Copyright Communications

An open view beyond the end of one's nose. Finding innovative solutions and implementing them - these are just a few of the key points that make it clear what philosophy Copyright Communications represents. The agency for interdisciplinary design and communication in space manages brand appearances, events and exhibitions worldwide from Frankfurt am Main. Architects, programmers and motion designers, editors, exhibit developers and art directors work hand in hand under one roof. This guarantees short paths and fast decision-making. And it also ensures a productive culture of discourse and an intensive working atmosphere in which ideas are born that leave the ordinary far behind. As a team of interdisciplinary specialists, Copyright Communications stands for the idea that the value of each individual team member is reflected in the result of their joint work.


Copyright Communications develops ideas and delivers results. Comes up with brand strategies and creates brand identities. From concept to the overall picture. Interdisciplinary and with the highest possible expertise.


Our philosophy is clear: We boil the brand down to its essence and transport it into the allocated space. We always strike the right chord – graphically, medially, interactively. Therefore, we value the free spirit in thought and action beyond the individual disciplines while keeping the whole picture in mind.


Our core competences cover the entire spectrum of design principles and their implementation. Our stories are told visually, auditory and interactively. We map out clear structures, be it trade fair appearance or individual exhibits. In corporate- and interactive designs. In exhibitions and catalogues. In media displays and 3D-animations.




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